Welcome to Daily Bread! My name is Molefi William Masilonyana – a South African currently blogging part-time. I’m the founder of Daily Bread a blog where you’ll find not only inspirational and motivation stories, but also the day to day activities that are part of our lives from entertainment  to politics.

I’m the father, a husband and the provider to my family. Besides blogging I still hold a regular job to support my family. I’m the HR Practitioner by profession.

My passion for blogging started back in 2015 when stumbled upon articles  about blogger while i was busy doing an online marketing research. I then decided to create  a self hosted site via blogger and later purchased hosting from Afrihost for the said blog.

My blogging experience is self taught and it was through this experience when I realized  the importance of owning a professional website that is SEO friendly. After doing some research I purchased the domain and hosting from Elitehost.

I also purchase a wordpress theme from Envato Market and the theme installation was performed by Webdesighnerart recommended by Envato. I then performed the migration from blogger to wordpress on my own with the help from online articles on google.